Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

 Before I share about our Christmas, I have to share a few more pictures of getting ready for Christmas. 

The kids helped make Nuts 'n Bolts and it was so much fun to have them participating.

They also helped with the chocolate cups. I can't wait till my girls are a little older and can help out more...I love having my kids in the kitchen!

I think this tree is the kid's favourite cause it has the train that actually drives!  Come to think of it, I think it's my favorite too!  It has all the homemade decorations going back to our first Christmas when we couldn't afford to buy any ornaments.  Makes me just a tad bit nostalgic!

Now on to our Christmas...

We had a most wonderful, relaxing and sweet Christmas!  We finally had a quiet Christmas at home again!  We opted to focus on our sweet little family; spending our time coloring, doing puzzles, playing games, watching movies, eating leftovers, munching on far too much junk food and simply enjoying each other!

Christmas Eve was spent at a candle lit service, followed by a supper of appetizers, opening a few gifts and a movie.  We put mattresses on the floor in the basement and all slept downstairs (except Alex cause he's too grown up?).  It's become somewhat of a tradition and the kids love it!  Amazingly, the kids slept very well and even slept in till 8:30...(except for Alex...who was up before 8! ;)!

Each year our kids get new pjs, a movie, a book and some munchies on Christmas Eve.  It's one of my all time favorite gifts...it's practical, fun and yummy!

 Malia and Raina kept begging for dress up clothes with wigs.  All that pops into my mind each time I see them is...White Chicks?!?  Bahahaha!


I thank God that we had such a stress free, family focused Christmas!  It will certainly go down in history as being one of my most favorite Christmases ever!
And last, but not least...A belated Merry Christmas to you!  :)


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Prep 2014

Morgun and Malia finished their school work on the 13th of December, after working extra hard to catch up after taking all of September off.  We are officially caught up!  Whew!  So thankful to be caught up so that we can relax a bit in the new year.
The intent was to relax and enjoy doing some crafts, baking and decorating for Christmas.  We did some of each, but not as much as we had hoped due to a crazy number of appointments the week before Christmas (I'll post on that in the next week or so).  In spite of it all, we had a blast!
We decorated gingerbread men...

...with the end result making me laugh! 
Morgun and Jackson's cookies looked like a pair of psycho brothers!  lol!  What's the chance that they would use the same colors for the eyes?!?

We decorated a gingerbread house, (which I bought on clearance last year!).  I figured my kids don't eat the gingerbread anyhow and candy can't go bad.  I stuck it in the freezer and it worked perfectly!  And it was only 25 % of the usual cost!  Aren't I just the most thrifty Mennonite ever!?!  lol!

We painted wooden Christmas magnets and even convinced Alex and Martin to join us! 

We also made our annual Christmas ornament.  Once again I purchased the supplies at 50%-75% off!  
We also decorated the kids' Christmas trees, wrapped presents, baked numerous treats, and watched far too many Christmas movies.  It was exactly what we needed!