Saturday, August 31, 2013

Staycation 2013 Part II

I simply had to post some more pics of our summer.  Some of our best memories are being made at home and doing simple, spur of the moment things.  We've been enjoying wiener roasts...somehow even a hot dog can taste good over an open fire...

Picking berries....The boys picked chokecherries to make juice and Martin picked some to make wine.  We have yet to try either...could be interesting.

Hmm...came across these boys...;)

...Chillaxin' on the deck.

Picnic at the Forestry Farm....

The ride home...Jackson crying and Raina plugging her ears.  We may have exceeded the speed limit.  lol

Lots and lots of swimming.  In fact both girls have learned to doggy paddle about 15 feet.  

Yummy lunches with friends.

Early morning cuddles...

And beautiful sunsets!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Staycation 2013

This summer has gone by way too fast!  Not that we've really done anything...other than adopt!  :)  We spent some of our time at home enjoying our community.  Bike rides were a highlight and I actually took the time to take pictures of our unique area.  We live near the village where Martin grew up and it's easy to miss the everyday beauty. 

The village lane.

The local country church.

The old homestead....

...where Martin's folks still live.

The old corral.


Showing the boys the old sign from the years of being Dairy Farmers.

If you look very closely you can see Henry H. Peters written on the sign.

Some more of the beauty...

There is something about the village that takes one back in time.  It still has some old houses with the attached barns and well maintained yards, with a mix of dairy farmers and acreage owners.  It is a very peaceful and quiet place.  It is a place that is good on the heart and soul...and if you use enough of your imagination, you can almost make yourself believe you are in a different country.  ;)
I said almost...not quite!   lol!  Heh!  You gotta do what you gotta do.  If the only vacation available is home, one must make it interesting.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Swamp Buggy

Remember how I told you that while I was in China I had one of those heart stopping moments?  I nearly flipped out when Martin told me what he had allowed the boys to buy...after much begging of coarse.  Or so he claims.  ;)
He allowed the boys to buy a vehicle!  Yup!  You read that right!  A vehicle!  Not just any vehicle, but one that actually works!  And works very well!
I practically swallowed my tongue when I first heard...and was quick to lay down the law!
Martin reassured me that he was always in the vehicle, ready to grab the steering wheel and/or pull the park brake.  It is a standard. And he reassured me the boys were having an interesting time learning to drive...lots of lurching!  lol!
He even sent a few who could resist those handsome and proud grins?  Not this mama!...but only after laying down some very strict rules!

The "Swamp Buggy", as the boys call their jeep, was originally yellow.  However, after a few cans of spray paint it is now an appropriate flat black. 
I think it will be a summer they will never forget!


I must is kinda fun to beat around the yard/field with this thing!  :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life At Home While I Was in China

I've been meaning to post these pictures that Martin took while I was in China.  I'm pretty sure everything revolved around all things redneck...teaching Malia about Morgun's newest air soft gun, watching lots of Duck Dynasty, bathing once a week, messy hair, and lots hot dogs and mac n' cheese.  :)

I was impressed when I saw this picture.  The girls' hair was done very Morgun!!

This one impressed me too!  Morgun generously let Raina wear his hoodie just because she was cold...can't say I blame him...who can say "no" to that cute face??

As we Skyped or chatted on Facebook each day, I was in awe at how well things were going.  Everyone was happy and all were having a good time.  Only a few days of tears.  Hats off to Martin for doing an incredible job of managing an entire household while still keeping his main contractors happy!  There was only one day where my heart almost stopped...more on that next time!