Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back To School

Today is the boys' first day back to school.  I am NOT ready for school to begin and could use at least another 3 weeks of holidays.  I dread this day every year and miss my kids incredibly!  I think that calls for a morning of shopping...just for a distraction! ;)

Morgun was excited and couldn't wait to begin grade 4.  His teacher is Ms. Bodnar...remember her from a few years back?  She is honestly the best teacher any child could ever have!  Morgun is looking forward to being in her class.

Alex on the other hand was nervous and anxious.  He did not know who his teacher would be because there are 2 grade 6 classes.  He really wanted a particular teacher.  When we found his class and he realized who his teacher was, his face fell...I could have cried!  His teacher is an awesome teacher and will be good for him, but he has had previous negative experiences with her and bases his opinion of her on that...not good!  I have been praying that Alex will have an awesome year.  Hopefully the bullying will be a thing of the past...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Schoubble Zup

I LOVE soup...especially at this time of year and made with fresh ingredients from my garden.  I had been looking forward to Schoubble Zup (or Bean soup), but wanted to wait until the weather was a little cooler.  BUT 2 weeks ago we had a hail storm with hail the size of marbles.  I wasn't too concerned...until I looked at my garden!  Oh my!  What a mess! Everything was shredded!  My potatoes and carrots will be fine, and my strawberries will bear fruit again, but everything else was destroyed.  I am so very thankful that, for the most part, I had harvested enough produce to see us through the winter.  My wonderful sister-in-law Ruth let me pick cucumbers and so I should have almost enough dill pickles.  AND I managed to pick enough beans to make one pot of Schoubble Zup!  Yum!!!  I think God knew how much I was craving this soup and made sure he protected some beans...isn't He the BEST?!?!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Great Sand Hills

We spent last week at Memorial Lake.  It was an unplanned holiday and we had a wonderful, relaxing time...but, more on that at a later date.  First I must post on the Great Sand Hills. 

I must admit that one of the main reasons we wanted to go to Cypress Hills was to see the Sand Hills. So on our way home we stopped to explore.  Our kids loved the massive sandbox and we could have spent hours playing...but... little Miss Raina needed a nap so we couldn't stay as long as we would have liked.

Our little sweethearts!

And our handsome boys!

Raina screaming...she didn't want to leave!

Can you tell she is one unhappy little camper?...literally!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cypress Hills

Our summer has been among the best ever!  Crazy busy, but with lots of special memories.  Among our favorites was  Cypress Hills.  Imagine a campsite with all of the following...WITHOUT MOSQUITOS!  Seriously!  I only saw a handfull!  So much better than at home where we have been slathering ourselves in insect repellent just to survive an evening or day outdoors. 

Alex and Morgun enjoyed looking for usual, even though their boat was slowly losing air.

Raina LOVED playing in the sand...

...but HATED the boat!

We went horseback riding several times.  I'm not sure who had more fun...the kids...or me!  I've wanted a horse for as long as I can remember, but according to some it is a tank that always needs to be filled even when not in use, and is therefore useless...I won't mention any names...:),  but after seeing us all LOVE the horses, I think he is almost convinced!!!

The guy that thinks horses are a money eating machine also enjoyed himself...had to point that out! lol!  The last day the boys and I went riding and we saw 2 moose and 2 deer...Mr. Hunter REALLY wished he had joined us!

Raina fell relaxing!

Being goofy in the pool....

Should I jump...or not!  Malia was contemplating jumping, but chickened out.

Campfires...gotta love them!

Raina lovin' on Alex...he adores her!

Morgun loved the late night campfires with just Mom and Dad and Alex.

Alex, the true artist, was fascinated by all the flowers on the trail ride and took this picture.

The awesome view!

Mini golfing...

And last but not least, one of my favorite pictures....

Saturday, August 6, 2011


 My nephew Owen is one of the neatest kids I know!  He is smart, funny and loves life!  One morning we were having strawberries with cream & sugar,  and he REALLY wanted more, but there was just enough for everyone to have one serving.  I suggested he could have raspberries with cream & sugar, BUT he would first have to go pick them from the garden.  Without hesitation he went out and picked some, cleaned them, added cream & sugar and exclaimed SATISFACTION!   :)  Still makes me smile every time I think of him!!