Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Dan and Darlene came home for Easter.  Dawson and our boys spent many hours outside hunting, playing in the water, and in the tree fort.  They came in soaked numerous times, but always with a smile on their faces.  When Austin joined them, they played Dutch Blitz...over, and over again.

We sent the kids on an Easter Egg hunt and even Ginelle and Austin humored us and joined the younger kids.

I HAD to take pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses.  Both girls love to dress up and wear pretties in their hair.  Raina squeals and smiles every time she wears something pretty.

Raina instantly warmed up to my brother Dan.  She has never taken to someone that quickly before.  I'm guessing it is his dark features...I think they remind her of her foster father.

These 3 boys were joined at the hip all weekend and had a blast!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Livin' The Life!

The past few days have been crazy!  I have been busy cleaning, organizing, and getting ready for Dan & Darlene's arrival.  Normally it would not be a big deal, but as I mentioned earlier, all my entrance closet and laundry stuff was in the basement due to our renovations.  The renos are not complete, (we still have some painting and trims that need to be put up, and lots of little finishing touches still need to be done.)but I was able to find a spot for everything and find enough room for everyone to sleep.  I took a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and even tanned on the back deck for a bit!  I just had to share what I was seeing and hearing...if only you could feel the warm sun and smell the fresh spring air!  This is the life!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Run Off

I can not recall ever having a spring run off like the one this year.  Yards have been flooding, driveways have been dug open to allow water to pass through, little ravines are being created across normally flat fields, and farmers are wondering if their fields will ever be dry enough to seed.  We have not experienced much of the above.  However, we did have a little water running across our drive towards our well.  Our well water is pumped into 2 cisterns in our basement.  We use it for everything...even drinking.  Our well is fairly shallow and has more than enough water for our use, but does not come in rapidly...hence the cisterns.  We pump water every day or so to fill our cisterns.  Normally our tanks are about half full.  Last week I forgot to turn the pump off and filled both tanks to the top!  I was thankful the pump hadn't quit working...normally it would have been sucking air and quit working.  All was good until we realized our water was BLACK!  Ground water had seeped into our well, creating dirty and unsafe drinking water.  Martin pumped both cisterns dry and cleaned them...what a mess!  I did not have water for 2 days!  Talk about almost losing it!!!  I know I should have cleaned the cisterns while Martin was at work, but I am claustrophobic and could not convince myself to climb through the small hole into the stuffy tanks.  I shudder at the thought!

Each tank had a layer of dirt, with this one being the cleanest.  We are now hauling water...all 300 gallons at a time(insert sarcasm!).  Our purification system is clean once again and all is well! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Career Day

Morgun's class had a Career Day this past week.  Morgun researched being a Police Officer/RCMP.  He worked hard on this project, taking it home to work on even though it was not a requirement.  He went to the local RCMP office and was given bookmarks, tattoos, books, etc to use for his display.  We even found the neatest RCMP outfit for him.  I think Morgun would make a great RCMP.  He is smart, has great reasoning skills and also is compassionate.  I would be very proud if he were to become a RCMP, but at the same time I would worry for his safety.  I pray that whatever field our kids choose, that it will be something they love and that it will be what God has planned for them.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raina's Surgery

I have been wanting to post this since Tuesday, but my week has been CRAZY!  On top of all the usual school projects/tests, TaeKwon Do, and household chores, we have been planning my families' Easter gathering AND renovating.  My brother and his family are coming up for Easter (and I can hardly wait!!  Can you see me jumping up and down in excitement?!) and will be staying at our place.  All of my things from the laundry room and entrance are in my basement (where they will be sleeping), and it is a HUGE MESS!  Martin and I have been taping, mudding and sanding the walls...the WORST job EVER!  I painted the final coat last night and Martin prepped the floor.  We are waiting for Martin's brother to help install the flooring tonight.  Hence the delay in posting about Raina's surgery...

Raina had her surgery on Tuesday, April 12.  We left the house at 6:50am, expecting her to go into surgery at 10:30am.  Due to an emergency, her surgery was delayed until 1pm.  Raina had nothing to eat or drink since supper the night before.  She handled the wait amazingly well.  We stayed in the room and played on the bed and went for long walks exploring every boring area of the third floor.  Raina was content as long as I kept walking.  When the other kids cried Raina became visibly upset.

I was able to carry Raina into the OR and hold her as I held the mask over her mouth and nose to put her to sleep.  (I was thrilled to do this!  I am fascinated by the entire medical procedure and would have asked to observe if  the child had not been my own.)  The surgery only lasted an hour.  Raina's foot and leg is once again in a cast and will be for the next 4 weeks.  We finally arrived home after 5pm...exhausted!  We have been trying to keep Raina comfortable with Codeine, Tylenol and Advil.  Raina cried a lot the first night with each night getting a little better, except for last night...I think she was in need of medication and it took awhile to take effect.  This morning she was crawling and playing contently. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Grandparents make the world...a little softer, a little kinder, and a little warmer!  
Author Unknown

In the past few months the health and well being of Martin's folks has been at the forefront.  Dad recently lost his drivers.  His memory is failing him, and it is sad to see a strong, proud man lose his self confidence and become more childlike.  Mom was recently rushed to the hospital with the ambulance after she collapsed in a local store.  The explanation was simply..."she is old".  Her pacemaker is working fine and heart is good (at least as good as can be expected). 
Mom struggles to cook and Dad has taken over many household chores.  We do what we can...(not always as much as we would like to do).  Mom and Dad both insist on being as independent as possible and we know we are intruding on their personal lives if we do too much.  We try to bring a meal at least a few times a month or have them over.  Mom was tickled pink to come to our house yesterday.  She had thought she would never be able to come to our house again.  This breaks my heart and makes me cry.  Our visits with them are bittersweet.  I treasure these times and thank God that, for now, my children have grandparents!

Grandma and Grandpa LOVE our kids and make each one feel special!  Mom, even though she suffers from arthritis, and only came home from the hospital a few weeks ago, made the shawl that Malia is wearing.

My in-laws are quite self conscious when it comes to having pictures taken.  I managed to get one picture of Dad playing with Raina.  I had to take it quickly, and as a result it is a little blurry...but that's ok...it is PRICELESS!

A Grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.  Author Unknown

"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do.  Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children."  Alex Haley

Friday, April 1, 2011

Learning to Climb

This morning as I was organizing my latest Stampin Up! shipment, I realized Raina was sitting on the chair beside me.  I knew she was playing beside the chair, but had no idea how she managed to get on the chair.  She is one smart and amazing little monkey!  With a piece of precious scrap paper in her right hand and her cumbersome cast, she manages to get on the chair!