Monday, August 30, 2010

Ms. Bodnar

If I could be like anyone in the world it would be Pat Bodnar! She is my hero! Pat has taught at Osler School for more than 30 years and is somewhat of a legend. She has taught the parents of many of her students and does so with incredible care and enthusiasm. Every year she invites her class for a day at her cabin. This year was no exception. Towards the end of August, students and parents descended to her lakefront property to be greeted by Barry, her husband (who could be Santa Claus himself!) and Alex her son. This past year Alex, my son, had the privilege of being in her class. . .he had the best year ever! Not only was he on the honor roll, but his confidence grew as did his love for learning. I selfishly pray that she will still be teaching when Morgun reaches grade 4!

The kids spend the afternoon canoeing, boating, building sand castles, and peddling around on the paddle boat. Supper consisted of burgers and hot dogs, which was followed with watermelon and Rice Krispies Squares. The evening ended with fireworks. . . what more could a kid want?!?

Approximately 16 years ago Pat and Barry adopted 3 siblings ranging in age from 4 - 8 years of age. That in and of itself impresses me! To top it off Pat has an incredible love for God. . . and all around people reap the benefits!

Morin Lake...again.

Our last weekend at the lake was cool, but oh so very relaxing. We joined Wayne and Ruth and some members of Ruth's family.

Malia is very proud to show others the pictures of her sister!
I am sad that summer holidays are over, but thankful that we managed to squeeze in so much time at the lake. We have decided that next year we will take one longer vacation and then a few weekends at the lake. It is exhausting packing and unpacking every other weekend. None the less it was all worth it! :)

Family Camp

Some more catching up on our summer. . .

We spent a week-end at Jackfish Lake with our church family. The weather was really weird...cold and windy one minute and then hot the next. In spite of the weather we had a great time.
Alex saw a massive gopher and was determined to kill it, or at least hit it with a chunk of wood. Mennonite men and their drugs. . .Spitz.

I love this picture. It is Morgun at his finest. . .always helping others, especially little kids.

Yes, he can actually do a head stand!

Malia's attempt at a head stand.

Malia and her friend Bailey. They really connected on this vacation.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Morin Lake

This spring we began looking for a camper trailer. We began by looking for a used one, then we looked at new ones, then used, then new. . .well, you get the picture! We finally decided what it was we wanted in a camper. . .quad bunks, 2 slides, private master bedroom, door directly into bathroom, outside cooking area complete with fridge. . . upon seeing the price tag of $30,000 we promptly went and bought a used camper! :) We only paid $5,000 for this camper and it has bunks and meets our current needs. And being the true thrifty Mennonites that we are, we feel great about our decision. We spent 5 nights at Morin Lake. For 2 nights Martin and I were on our own!!!! Freedom!!!! The kids stayed at Martin's brother and sister-in-laws house. Malia and I built sand castles while the guys fished.
Being on the lake and fishing is very relaxing. The kids sit quietly, fishing. . .each deep in thought, enjoying the moment!

I am always amazed that our boys still love to play in the sand, and get engrossed in their play the way they do. Some days I wish they would never outgrow it! I love watching them play!


I've been busy catching up on weeding, gardening, house work and the never ending laundry. Here are a few things we did earlier this summer. Kathy I thought you might enjoy some of the photos of the Wollf relatives.

Dad's side of the family gets together annually for a picnic. I was great to see some cousins and catch up. Good ole Mennonite boys! ;)

After the Wollf picnic we headed to Batoche Historical Site. I had been to Batoche when I was a kid. We were very disappointed. . . They were having their 200 year anniversary and were suppose to have lots of activities. By the time we arrived the place was almost deserted and no activities at all! The brochure did not specify times so we didn't know what time to arrive. . .seems rather odd and unorganized.

However, the kids enjoyed playing with some old fashioned toys.

They also got to pump water from a well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clay & Brooke/Early Birthday Gift

Clay and Brooke came over for a day and the kids splashed in the pool. It is wonderful having a pool, even though it is not the in ground pool we dream of. I can work in my garden while keeping an eye/ear on the kids and the kids love it! It also saves on the amount of driving I do. Instead heading to town to go swimming on a hot day, we simply head to the back yard.
Our boys received an early birthday present this summer. . . a quad! Well, a partial birthday present. We paid for the quad and the boys will make small payments to us over the next 6 months to pay for a small portion. They were saving to buy a quad and when this one came along we jumped at the chance to buy it. My brother-in-law works for the company we bought it from, and managed to get us a super deal.
We have a big quad and the boys have driven it on occasion, but it scares me. It is much too big for them. This quad is the perfect size for them and has enough power to satisfy them for the next few years. When Martin arrived home with the quad the boys made a bee line to his truck!

There was no waiting for the quad to be unloaded.

Their expressions say it all!

Yes, they must wear a helmet to drive.

I was watering my garden, and came out to find the kids playing in the mud! Messy and dirty, but oh so much fun!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing Our Newest Little One: Raina

"Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord,; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song." Psalm 95:1-3

We finally have news! We received our proposal this morning for Chen Luiji, born November 24, 2009 in Tang Village, Guizhou Province. We couldn't be more thrilled! She is beyond adorable and cute!
She was born with equinovarus or club foot. Only her right foot appears to be affected. In one photo it appears that she may also have a difference in limb length, although it is not mentioned and could simply be the angle at which the photo was taken.
I didn't sleep well last night, because I knew we finally had our LID and were being matched. Yulin phoned asking if we would accept a child with Hep B. After some thorough discussion we decided to say no. Not because it frightens us or would be a "disability" we couldn't handle, but rather because of the community within which we live. We felt too many people would avoid a child with Hep B and figured these little ones have enough going against them. We know that there are communities where Hep B would not be an issue. A few hours later Yulin called again to ask how young a child we would accept. I said any age under 3 1/2. So being proposed a 9 month old did not come as a surprise. I had felt all along that we would be proposed a younger child. I love how God prepares us for what He has planned!
My heart and entire being continues to dance for joy, excited and anxious to meet our little Raina!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Martin's Lake & Levi

I should be doing a dozen things today. . .cleaning the house, doing laundry, and packing for camping this weekend. We are leaving later this afternoon. But, I am not feeling very ambitious. So instead I am enjoying a hot chocolate (it's cold and raining) and catching up on blogging.
A few weekends ago we met Wayne and Ruth at Martin's Lake for the day. It's a short drive, about 1 1/4 hours. It was wonderfully hot and the beach was fairly empty. The kids were all content. Life doesn't get much better than that!
Malia loves wearing her sunglasses. . .I think she is adorable!

Alex and Morgun unexpectedly met some school friends, Cameron and Kenton. Morgun and Cameron caught some minnows and just had to show us.

Ewww!! Morgun examining a dead minnow! :p

Malia is becoming braver in the water and even wadded in up to her waist!
I love those little feet!!

Malia met a new friend. . .Cameron and Kenton's sister. The really hit it off. . .too bad Raquelle will be a year ahead of Malia in school.

This picture really shows Alex's true personality. He loves to invent and create. Here he is examining his pen gun.

On our way home from the lake we stopped to pick up Levi for a sleep over. Levi and Morgun are BEST friends (and cousins). The next day the boys enjoyed everything from Root beer floats. . .
. . .to swimming and showing off their muscles!

And racing cars on the deck. . .

. . .and playing with K'nex.

I am not ready to send the kids back to school in 2 weeks. Summer vacation is WAY too short! :(