Monday, September 15, 2014

My Birthday...In PEI

My birthday started with peaches n cream and mocha in bed...all made by my kids and Martin.  It was so incredibly amazing birthday gift!
We then headed to Cape Tyron Lighthouse.  It was a fairly long, cold and windy walk, but well worth it!

Martin and the boys freaked me out by walking past the safety fence.  The cliff was a sharp drop straight into the water.  



After a late lunch, we headed to Garden's of Hope.  What an amazing gem to find!  It has a butterfly garden that was closed, but all the other neat gardens made up for it.  Our favorite was the Magical Forest.


This place also has a respite cottage for families of those suffering from a terminal illness, and those involved in their care, at no cost.
One secluded area had this sign posted.  Made me smile!

Sometimes you just can't get the shot you want without a kid in it...I think she adds to the photo. :)

I thought Morgun was posing so I could take his picture, but in reality he was hiding the "Electrical Fence" sign, hoping to convince someone to touch it!  lol

 This outing was one of my favorites!  We laughed and talked as a family like we haven't done in a very long time.  So fun to see all of us laughing and having fun!...the BEST birthday gift ever!!

 We headed to New Glasglow Lobster for supper.  Everywhere we asked, we were told this was the place to go for lobster...pricey, but worth it.  It was featured on The Food Channel as one of the "Places You Gotta Eat!" 
We left disappointed and nowhere near full.  The place offers an "all you can eat" menu of appetizers, salad, and dessert, and came with pop, coffee or tea.  Non of the food lived up to all the hype.  It was ok, but definitely not worth the cost and not worth asking for seconds.  The lobster we cooked the other day was tastier and flakier. The best part of the meal was the dessert...lemon meringue pie and strawberry shortcake.  The service was ok, but slow and inefficient.  Anyhow, that's my unprofessional opinion. :)
One of the neat features of this meal was that we got to try mussels for the first time.  They certainly did not taste as I had expected.  Not at all fishy tasting.  They tasted more like a mushroom to me. Mussels aren't something I would walk too far to get, but it was a neat experience to try them.




Charlottetown (St. Dunstan's Basilica)

Yesterday was a cool, rainy day, so after a lazy morning, with a breakfast of bacon and eggs, we decided to head to Charlottetown.  It's about an hour from where we are staying.  We were pretty thrilled to have found a Tim's (that was actually open) a few days ago, so that was our first stop.  I LOVE all the beautiful houses much character!  Needless to say the drive felt much shorter. 
I am in awe of some of the fantastic churches...and somewhat troubled that our society has and continues to spend so much money on a building.  Coming from a gal that grew up in the very simplest of churches, it's hard to fathom the "why" behind "needing" such a huge and majestic place to worship God.  Non the less, I stand in awe of the beauty of such a stunning architectural structure.
This is St. Dunstan's Basilica.

Charlottetown is a gorgeous city.  It reminds me a lot of Quebec City with all the old, colorful houses, hilly streets and charm.

The first lighthouse we have seen so far...who knew they would be so difficult to find and access?!?

Anne of Green Gables Museum, Village of Avonlea, and More of the Beach

One of the things we really wanted to do while in PEI was cook up some fresh lobster.  We found a lobster truck and had a feast!  I LOVE,LOVE fresh lobster.  One of our boys didn't like it...although I think it had more to do with attitude than anything.  We'll see what he says when he tries oysters!  lol!
PEI is an amazing place!  Lots of incredible churches that we just had to stop and admire.

Rolling hills that often have a view of the water.

And the touristy places that have a quaintness that makes you feel like you could step back in time.  We visited the Anne of Green Gables Museum, which wasn't quite as interesting as Green Gables.  We really wanted to go on a Matthew Cuthbert buggy ride, but they only allowed 5 people on at a time, so decided not to go.  :(

The little kids made a bee line to the horses and were disappointed to see the horses had their eyes covered.  So much for having a "conversation" with them!

This is part of the water that flows into the "Lake of Shining Waters".  Beautiful!


 We then headed to the Village of Avonlea, that was mostly shut down for the year, but it was still interesting...and they had Moos Ice Cream!

I have no words for this picture....other father like son!  lol!

We spent part of a day back at the beach.  The water had a completely different "mood" this time.  It was windy and cooler, but the sand was still pleasantly warm.  In some of the pics it looks like I've over edited with too much color saturation...that's not the case...the colors were simply vibrant!


I loved watching Alex play Frisbee with Jackson, trying to teach him how to throw it.  Jackson tried with all his might, but each time the Frisbee landed 2 feet in front of him.  He was bound and determined to get the Frisbee to Alex...and I managed to capture it on camera!

The boys had to walk back to the cottage after this outing cause they were completely soaked.  They had a super long shower and I gave one of them heck (I can't mention any names...or so I'm told, but I bet you can figure it out! ;) which he replied, "Yah! Well, I had sand in places I didn't know I had!"